Mind challenge: spot the two hidden words in this optical illusion within 10 seconds!


The static movement optical illusion is the name of this deception.

In the picture, a few letters are arranged in a striped spiral that, when viewed from various angles, seems to be moving.

On social media, there are countless optical illusions to choose from.

They might be a little difficult, but their antics are entertaining.

The brain is frequently duped into thinking something is different than it actually is.

They also present a timed challenge for viewers to locate a concealed piece.

Some of these are a great way to spend time while sharpening your observational abilities.

Two such hidden phrases present a challenge to the viewer in one of the images with the green-hued stripes.

Let’s add a 10-second timer to the illusion in order to make it more intriguing.

In the picture, a few letters are arranged in a striped spiral that, when viewed from different angles, seems to be moving.

Images that fit into this category feature stationary parts that seem to move when a viewer focuses on the center of the image.

This sort of test is referred to as the static movement optical illusion.

The present image operates according to the same theory.

The green stripes appear to be moving if you stare in the center of the image.

The viewer is challenged to identify two hidden phrases in these green swirling lines in the image by this fun test.

Many of you may be suffering because your eyes may be tricked by the stripes, which may be moving in a circular pattern, while some of you may have already discovered the words.

However, don’t despair; we are here to assist you.

You might be able to spot the hidden text if you try to squint and scroll the image up and down.

‘Free’ and ‘Spin’ are the terms to use if you are still having trouble.

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