Lost pacifier alert: spot the pacifier hidden amongst the toys in just 9 seconds!


Finding this is a top priority for the anxious mother. She needs assistance in tracking down the infant’s pacifier.

However, despite the mother’s best efforts, the baby won’t stop sobbing.

So you must locate the pacifier in the room in order to solve the challenging puzzle.

You may test your IQ with this tough optical illusion. Your speed in locating the pacifier in only seven seconds will be put to the test.

The play room deserves a detailed inspection. The floor should be thoroughly examined, though, since there is a hint.

According to the photograph below, the baby’s pacifier is concealed between a plush bunny and several rings.

Certain arrangements of color, pattern, and light can deceive our brains into seeing something that isn’t actually there.

So tell us, did you see the missing pacifier in this hoax pic?

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