Paws for a challenge: only true dog lovers can spot the dog hidden in the cornfield in just a few seconds!


The above-shared photo shows a cornfield in the early morning sun.

In the cornfield, there is a dog hidden in plain sight.

At first look, it is hard to distinguish the canine because it has perfectly merged in with the surroundings.

Did you succeed in catching the dog?

There isn’t much time left, so hurry.

The condwn has begun. How many of you located the dog before the time is up?

We think some keen observers instantly identified the dog with the help of their exceptional observational abilities.

It’s possible that some people are still perplexed over the dog’s disappearance.

I’m wondering where the dog is.

Look at the answer.

11 Seconds to Find the Dog: The Solution is below!

The doggie is a beige-colored pup that blends in with the dried leaves and hay in the field, making it difficult to spot at first sight.

The doggie can be seen glancing in the direction of the camera.

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