Flex your brain muscle: test your visual acuity and spot the word ‘Big’ in just 20 seconds!


A sort of illusion brought on by the system of sight in visual perception is optical illusion, sometimes referred to as visual illusion.

They can be identified by a different visual impression from what they actually see.

It prevents us from completely understanding the picture or image that our eyes are able to view.

An picture or scenario may readily trick or fool us.

Can you get the word in 20 seconds if you got eagle eyes?

By viewing a picture or image via our eyes, we can be deceived or misled.

Because they are difficult, optical illusions are explored more frequently.

Optical illusions have a way of captivating people.

Studying them increases a person’s curiosity while also making the brain and eyes more effective at developing observational abilities.

Online searches for such kind of tests were made by people who wanted to occupy their minds with more useful activities.

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