Be a visual genious! Find all 5 differences and show off your above-average IQ of 140 or higher!


The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a measurement of a human’s capability for rational thought.

In other words, it’s a way to gauge how well someone can utilize their knowledge and logic to offer solutions or anticipate the future.

IQ exams measure short and long memory to start evaluating this.

They assess how swiftly and accurately humans remember info from lectures and solve puzzles.

Find each of the 5 errors. Scroll down to get the solution.

Any child, whatever their intelligence might be, may learn.

However, some kids have trouble in class due to a weakness in a particular area of intelligence.

These pupils gain a lot from programs for special education.

There, patients receive more help in their troublesome regions.

Tutors can identify which of them may benefit from this extra aid by utlising such kind of tests.

Chess is a game of tactics and talent. It aids to be intelligent, but so does caring about something and having the perseverance to gradually develop abilities.

Moreover, these tests can be utilised to get in touch with those who would benefit from accelerated “gifted schooling” projects.

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