Adorable photo of raccoon “felt embarrassed” of stealing food and saved by firemen gets viral


The Dalton, Georgia, fire department got a request to rescue an animal a few days ago.

Even though it was not the first time they had rescued an animal, they were shocked to learn that it was a raccoon who was in need.

The Fire Department of Dalton posted on Facebook, “You can’t fathom what the day contains for you when you are a firefighter.

“But a raccoon? Those are animals on branches asking for assistance. It was novel to me!”

The firemen wouldn’t have thought the image could become popular for such a completely unexpected purpose.

They quickly snapped some pictures after saving the beast.

Everyone enjoyed the raccoon’s comical stance. The raccoon can be seen in one of the pictures below looking humiliated by what he did.

Many people were extremely happy, and they couldn’t stop posting the picture on social media!

They became fixated on the way the raccoon appears to be so remorseful for what he did as he stares into the camera.

He probably sneaked inside a home to steal some food, so no one can criticise him.

The staff hopes the beast learned his lesson and won’t be as daring when looking for food in the future!

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