A large group of bald eagles congregated on the boat deck are fed by an Alaskan fisherman


One of the most significant and well-known American icons is the eagle.

Eagles are an uncommon spectacle in the US, though. However, Alaska is home to the biggest bald eagle number in the world.

In it, more than 600 raptors live. Eagles travel to Dutch Harbor in quest of food because it is the biggest fishing area in Alaska and possibly the entire globe.

The fisherman always leave something for the raptors because these seas are abundant in seafood.

This time, a guy made the decision to record the breathtaking sight on camera.

This guy began tossing shrimp out in front of the birds from a bowl he had filled with the creatures.

On the balcony, the birds began to congregate and swarm for the food. Several imposing raptors soon crowded the ship.

The angler continued to video these amazing birds after feeding them.

The sight of so many golden eagles congregating in one area is breathtaking and exciting!

Like the fisherman, any avian enthusiast would have enjoyed the occasion!

Millions of people watched the video after it got global.

The description of the film was written by the fisherman as “Just another day in Alaska”

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