The only daughter of Cary Grant, who lived with a guy who won three Oscars, speaks about his dad’s sexuality decades later!


Men frequently lived together throughout the 1930s.

James, Henry , and David all shared a home with Errol Flynn.

But neither couple was as well-received for their living situation as Cary and Randolph.

In 1932, they started dating when they were both becoming famous at Paramount Studios.

They shared a home together until 40s, when they both had acquired enough income to buy a sizable Santa Monic beachfront home.

Their relationship, in contrast to the others, attracted so much media attention that rumours of a potential homosexual romance started to circulate.

Even while their connection could have been real, speculation about it was only fueled by the PR efforts surrounding it.

Additionally, their alleged affair appeared to be a fact with plenty of supporting evidence.

Their beach house drew sizable crowds on Sundays when they gave up shooting and let people meet there informally.

He wedded Virginia in 1934 despite reports of a homosexual relationship with him.

Unfortunately, they broke up a year later, and Grant went on to have committed affairs with the actresses Phyllis and Mary.

Scott got married to the heiress Marion, his high school sweetheart, and after divorcing her, he started seeing Dorothy.

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