The long-awaited joy. How does the family live now since five children were born at once 4 years ago?


Four years ago, a lot of media sources covered this married couple. Of course it’s a real event when five babies are born!

We’ll tell you now what happened to this big family three years later.

They both work on the railroad, and Anna and Alex first met there.

The couple’s feelings started to instantly surface, and they soon got engaged.

Anna was unable to give birth to the children the couple yearned for.

But the woman didn’t give up; she prayed fervently and held out hope that they would still be able to have everything.

Finally, this family had the long-awaited miracle. Five times were added to this miracle.

A female and four guys are present. How they handle having so many young children was frequently a question for them.

It is quite difficult to imagine. The big family resides in a home that was given to them by their grandma.

The couple’s affections have only gotten stronger in spite of everything that has gone wrong.

The spouse is always there for his wife.

The only thing that has changed is that we now have more responsibility in the shape of our children, Anna recently commented on her social media page.

She wrote, “I thought I was having 4, but it turned out to be five.”

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