The boy shed weight and developed into a model thanks to his granny. Cool story about a genuine support!


The reason why Austin Shifflet’s life became a nightmare was because he was teased by his peers for being overweight.

The victim of ongoing bullying was forced to “jam” all his concerns.

The unfortunate guy became even bigger as a result of his complexes, which led to melancholy.

The student started skipping classes and spending all of his free time playing video games in the basement of his home.

After which Austin estimated his weight as 110 to 115 kilogrammes.

He decided to check his weight one day, and when he saw 174 on the scale board, he could not contain his emotions.

He made the choice to gather himself. Recently, his grandmother started eating healthier, and the man started doing the same.

The man shed 35 kg after 3 months of following a healthy diet. The gym was the next stop.

The man started attending night classes in order to avoid running across his tormentors during training.

The man eventually lost all recognition! With a throng of admirers, he transformed into a lovely man!

The man began to believe in himself. Then he transformed into a model and started to shine in fashion publications!

Austin is incredibly appreciative of his loving grandma for helping him become as accomplished and talented as he is today.

The man claimed that those who are losing weight should begin living a new life and not abandon their efforts in the face of challenges.

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