Nobody believed the twins’ survival. How the girls are doing after the most difficult surgery ever!


Erin and Abby Delaney were born as twins in July 2016. While this should have been a time of tremendous delight for the parents, it instead caused them concern.

The infants, each of whom weighing 900 grams, were delivered 10 weeks early.

The worst part was that their united brain had no prognostication from the physicians, which was much worse.

The parents did not consider giving up; instead, they collected their strength and resolved to do all in their power to support their girls, even if it meant taking advantage of the slimmest of opportunities.

Doctors decided on a challenging procedure when Erin and Abby were 11 months old.

The infants were separated throughout the 11-hour procedure, and luckily, both survived.

The girls are currently almost 4 years old. They are content.

“I love our little ones. They are amazing people and true heroes.

The physicians were pleased with the procedure, and since they keep a close eye on the girls’ growth and development, they have optimism that similar successful procedures will be performed in the future.

By the way, this procedure was the first time in medical history that Siamese twins were split up so young.

“I’ll confess that we had some fear.

But we made an effort to suppress these feelings so that we could operate on the kids, no matter what, said Dr. Hoyer.

After the procedure, the infants were placed in a synthetic coma so that their bodies could recuperate from the strain.

These brain processes that did not develop while the sisters were linked are now being restored through treatment for both of the girls.

In the upcoming years, the sisters will need to undergo more procedures to replace their missing bones and restore their cranial boxes.

joyful parents Erin and Abby are extremely thankful to the physicians for allowing their daughters to grow up next to them, and they really hope that they will have happy and fantastic lives in the future, which they well deserve after going through such hardships.

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