They were going to have a baby. After the delivery, they had two reasons to be happy!


2018 saw the birth of one of the biggest boys. He weighed 7.09 kilogrammes at birth.

Niko was the name of this amazing hero. He is the lone boy and the family’s eighth child overall.

The parents didn’t find out it would be a son until after the baby was born, and the dad of the fam didn’t even instantly accept it.

The content mother remarks that their prior girl was likewise a huge baby.

She was 6.5 kilogrammes when she was born. Niko, however, set all records.

The proud dad acknowledges that the youngster startled a lot of people.

But the fam is not now in the mood for holiday feasts. The main concern is how to feed a big family.

He is a veterinarian by training, but there is no steady work available in his hometown.

Therefore, I must get more income and not rely on government assistance, says Alex.

Due to the Dyadko family’s unremarkable and private existence, there isn’t much information online regarding the adult Niko.

Journalists visited the home when the kid was born, but today there aren’t many images of it online.

The family believes itself to be the happiest and friendliest, and this is the most essential thing for them, despite the challenges and the ancient house, which is already 100 years old.

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