She abandoned her 5 kids and her spouse. What they do today!


When Sergei was 33 years old, fate set up a challenging test for him: his wife left him.

The youngest, who was just 2 years old, was the youngest of the man’s remaining five children.

We’ll share with you a tale of a father who had several kids but never abandoned them, doing everything he could to provide for them.

The family without a mother was forced to live in a cramped space that was obstructed by cupboards in a run-down old house.

The children’s mother, who was ultimately stripped of her parental rights, was entirely replaced by Sergei, who took care of all the domestic duties including cooking, cleaning, and teaching.

The media quickly learned about the single dad.

It turned out that there were no microwaves in the home to reheat the meals; instead, the family considered them a luxury when journalists arrived to see Sergey with sweets and supplies.

To help our hero find a marriage, Sergey was invited to a TV show.

Later, a lovely 26-year-old woman named Daria from Estonia was presented to him; she was eager to leave her cozy flat in the country and move into a house with no restrictions.

Nevertheless, it didn’t work out since the man had to fix a falling-apart house and get the kids off the ground before he could think about love.

Yet, this narrative was eventually discovered by a 27-year-old woman named Yulia from the Moscow region.

She is a stunning blonde who showed no fear in the face of challenges.

Despite not having her own children, she was able to readily establish relationship with Sergei’s kids.

Several individuals started sending money to this family when the program was released in order to support them.

After some time, Sergei and Yulia got married, and their sixth child was born in March 2018.

We send our best wishes for joy and success to this great family!

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