At age 65, she had a baby. Here is the present look of her small family


The story of a lady who gave birth to a child at the age of 65 and whose daughter is now 10 years old appeared to be making headlines across the nation only yesterday.

How are the nation’s eldest mother and her heiress currently living?

Although Valentina was thrice married, she was unable to enjoy the joy of parenthood.

Following a thorough examination, the physicians came to a scary conclusion: she would not be able to become pregnant, and the only option is IVF.

Of course, a simple woman did not have much money, so she started working hard and saving every penny.

She eventually obtained two additional jobs. The money was collected after seven years.

Despite the woman’s advanced age and a high risk of miscarriage, there were no contraindications to the procedure.

There were no promises; the likelihood is one in a million.

Thankfully, everything worked out smoothly, and in 2011 Valentina gave birth to a stunning daughter named Anna-Maria.

Currently, the daughter is 10 years old, and her mother is 75!

Valentina loves the child so much that she occasionally goes to school with her and sits in class with her because she is terrified that something could happen to Anna-Maria.

The little girl is very active and is being recognized by her instructors for her academic achievements as well as reprimanded for being unruly, just like any other young girl.

In other words, Anna-Maria is just like everyone else.

It is crucial to note that, despite the fact that Valentina is suitable for a girl to be a grandma, no one makes fun of Anna and others don’t condemn her; this is what matters most.

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