Everyone was silent as this brave girl, who was teased by classmates, transformed drastically


Breanna Bond’s peers teased and mocked her throughout her youth because of her weight.

She was just ten years old and weighed an incredible 85 kg.

Her parents’ persistent indulgence in feeding her sweets and fatty meals was the root of her obesity rather than any underlying medical problem.

Her parents brought her to the hospital when her weight started to worry them.

There, she was put on a special diet and started exercising, particularly swimming and volleyball.

Breanna had a challenging journey since she was constantly physically exhausted and struggling with her emotions.

Her parents had damaged and deceived her, but she was compelled to achieve by her tenacity and resolve.

Breanna was able to drop 34 kg by working really hard and being committed to her weight loss goals.

This helped her stop being constantly teased by her friends.

In athletics, she achieved success and won the admiration of her neighborhood.

Her experience serves as an inspiring reminder of the value of keeping a healthy lifestyle and the strength of tenacity in the face of difficulty.

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