The car of the fallen cop is covered in flowers, but a note on paper makes a mark on the community


While pursuing a suspect in Milwaukee, Officer Charles Irvine Jr. was involved in an automobile accident and passed tragically.

Just 23 years old, the brave officer.

Twelve-year-old Avant Turner passed the monument to the deceased policeman outside the District 4 station a few days after the incident.

The small youngster couldn’t help but notice a cop car that was wrapped in black and had been showered with lovely flowers and presents from the neighborhood.

I could hardly see the car below because there were so many of them.

Avant first had no idea to whom the police cruiser belonged, so he examined the officer’s portrait tucked away amid the flowers.

His entire body felt a wave of shock. This policeman was acquainted with Avant.

They had really developed a relationship that few others in the area were aware of.

Avant was surprised by how much his friend’s passing affected him. So he went to school and composed a letter by hand.

While the plain white piece of paper might seem unimportant among the beautiful and colorful items and bouquets that were placed at the memorial, it was what Avant’s message showed that was probably the most intimate.

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