They all believed he was too fat to dance. They are dumbfounded after him


Dancing demands skill, fashion sense, but most importantly, intense enthusiasm.

The young man who stars in this video proves that it is possible to do excellent choreography even with a body that is far from ideal.

Ballet is an extremely delicate art that calls for elegance, precision, and lightness of touch.

Nonetheless, a lot of individuals believe it to be inextricably linked to flawless physical appearance.

But is it actually true? The video’s main character demonstrated the contrary.

According to the traditional dance canons, his body definitely isn’t perfect or slender, but his zeal and inner power make him a very talented dancer, and he dances extremely well.

The audience is quite dubious and does not think this guy can put on a fantastic show when he first starts dancing.

Nevertheless, as he, Aoniken Quiroga, begins to dance with Alejandra Mantinan, everyone is left in awe.

The outcome is a well-executed choreography that is enjoyable to watch because of their amazing chemistry together, light and rapid moves, and the dance itself.

For all individuals who enjoy dancing but lack the appropriate physical attributes, this is a crucial example and demonstration.

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