Hilarious moments from Elvis Presley recorded on video


Many Elvis fans have forgotten the comedy he displayed when performing live.

Elvis had a reputation for cracking jokes at the start, middle, and finish of songs. Have you have a favorite Elvis story?

The first footage shows Elvis in his white outfit on stage with his guitar, leaning on his left leg.

He laughs with the crowd as he explains, “I created this song, you know, when I was a baby.

They are listening to a really tender love song, he says as he glances down.

Elvis displays moving lower while explaining that you get in the girl’s face.

He lowers his head, behaves as though it is a private, intimate act, and then uses the microphone to make a loud noise.

And it sweeps her hair back directly, you see,” he adds while grinning.

Elvis begins playing his classic song “Hound Dog” while the ladies make the crowd giggle.

In a another footage, Elvis can be seen singing, “You have me, my life a wreck-a-complete,” while the audience laughs and he winces and grins.

He giggles alongside them, displaying his sense of humor.

As a woman hands him a crown during a concert, Elvis takes it and gives her a deep kiss before looking down.

Then, as the audience cheers, he releases his grip and asks, “You want another one?” He then returns for one more kiss.

Also, there are two consecutive video of Elvis singing while haphazardly putting the microphone in his mouth and creating a funny noise.

He waves to everyone in the room while singing, aware that his followers like his fun nature.

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