Together, grandpa and grandson construct a cozy log cabin


An very gifted Alaskan man who goes by the internet handle “This Is My Alaska” just produced a timelapse film clip.

The video depicts him working with his grandson Drox to construct a wood home in a frozen environment.

Eric, his son, composed the music for the “Timelapse” video clip. Tonja LaBuda, a friend of Eric’s, took the stunning photographs.

Throughout the past 50 years, the family has spent much of its time in log cabins in Alaska.

This gifted individual has been building log huts since he was ten years old. His father and dad used to construct the off-the-grid log cabin that their family lived in.

In light of this, he still has a passion for building cabins and never wavers from it.

The film is a time-lapse clip that shows the full process of building a log home, from conception to culmination.

The man starts by removing the snow and base of the hut from the vicinity.

The guy begins to measure the logs one by one and construct walls, stairs, an entrance, and multiple windows.

After some time, he makes an assistance request to dig the ground and complete the plumbing.

He also asks for aid in laying the pipes for earthing below the house.

The same individual created the bed, the cupboards, the flooring, the roof, and the room.

This assiduous architect handles everything by himself.

He does, however, receive assistance from his gorgeous dog and his little grandson, Drox, while he constructs the house.

As family members share their experiences, a lovely link is formed as a result of their inspired cooperation.

The finished log cabin has all the comforts of a contemporary home, and the interior is beautifully lit in every nook and cranny.

The end result is a stunning work of art and a charming small house for the family to unwind in.

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