A 9-year-old violin genius plays “Summer” by Vivaldi on a talent contest


We now have access to unknown outstanding artists because to the international popularity of reality TV and music competition events.

Nobody, however, would have anticipated hearing these incredible sounds from a 9-year-old violin student.

She goes by the name Soro Lavorgna, and even though she’s just nine years old, she’s already becoming well-known.

At the Prodiges finals, Soro sang a magnificent version of Vivaldi’s “Summer,” which was assessed by cello virtuoso Gautier and a renowned opera singer and dancer from French television.

The program showcases young performers who are gifted in the areas of singing, playing instruments, and dancing to classical music.

The French-Japanese violinist performed a new arrangement of Vivaldi’s “Summer” by Richter in this episode’s conclusion.

She made us happy, said Capuçon, the contest supervisor. You are remarkably focused and persistent for a 9-year-old.

Zahia , the orchestra’s leader, supplied the music for Soro’s concert.

The other judges were almost as delighted. While assessors Marie and Pietragalla are prima ballet dancers and choreographers, Soprano is an acclaimed musician. Sora was the smallest competitor in the event.

She began violin studies at the Cannes Conservatory when she was four years old.

She has advanced to a level of musical prowess in just five years, playing with extraordinary dexterity and accuracy.

She spends two hours every day honing her craft and enjoys doing so.

Although though Sora didn’t take first place in the overall competition, her performance was praised.

The 12-year-old ballet dancer Sacha ultimately won the prize, but Sora has a promising career ahead of her.

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