The judges were astounded by the 6-year-old child. Her talent is remarkable


Children with talent are usually amazing, and they give adults a lovely feeling.

Gloria, a little child who was only 6 at the time, recently caused the judges of the French version of The Voice to experience that.

Gloria selected the song “La Vie en rose” by Edith Piaf for her blind audition.

For someone her age, the song was really challenging, yet she handled it superbly.

The three coaches turned around due of the little child. They were awed by her ability and commanding voice.

She then picked Jenifer to be her coach! Of course, she was anxious at first, and you can feel and see that as you watch, but Gloria then performed a really great job and astounded everyone.

You must see for yourself how the panel of judges and the crowd respond.

We should be happy that there are talent events like this one where anybody can showcase their skill, regardless of age!

The show’s uniqueness may stem from this. We hope you will enjoy watching Gloria’s incredible performance in the video above.

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