Unknown people witness a man collapse in an airport as he reunites with his torn-from-him family


After fleeing their hometown in the war-torn Sudan in 2012, Dyan and his wife Alik sought safety in camps in Africa.

The written record of their marriage was destroyed, and Dyan was split up from Alik and their children in the middle of the pandemonium.

Alik was processed as a single mother, while Dyan, a single male, was placed at the bottom of the resettlement list — a group that isn’t generally selected for resettlement in the United States.

She was eight months along in her third pregnancy when Alik moved to Fort Worth, Texas. If she ever saw Dyan again, she had no idea.

Two mothers from Fort Worth named Molly and Mary Claire joined up to volunteer with Catholic Charities, a company that helps refugees adjust to their new lives.

When Molly and Mary Claire were paired with Alik and her family, they instantly connected with the expectant and anxious mother.

Even Alik’s third child’s birth was attended by them.

Molly and Mary Claire welcomed Alik and her kids into their house with the assistance of their church home group.

Dyan hadn’t seen his eight-year-old since the child was four since he was confined to the refugee camp.

Not even his 3-year-old had ever met him.

Molly and Mary Claire made every effort, despite the fact that there was little to no chance of Alik and Dyan getting back together.

They visited with social workers, filled out paperwork, talked to legislators, and hired immigration lawyers.

But, they were consistently informed, “It’ll be a miracle if this occurs.”

Later, four years after Dyan and Alik were split up, there was a revival of optimism and faith.

The reunion that happened at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is something you do not want to miss.

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