Obstetricians were especially startled by these boys: the lady gives birth to two special, unusual sons


George and Stanley Shelton are not your typical brothers for newborns.

Both were born with heads covered with thick, luscious hair that attracted the attention of all around them.

When George was delivered, the obstetricians even had to bring scissors to the delivery room since his hair totally hid his eyes and reached the tip of his nose.

The boys’ hair grew even faster as they grew.

George’s parents took him to the hairdresser for the first time when he was just nine months old, and the master was so taken aback that he wanted to snap a picture.

Stanley was born four years later, and he also had long hair that stood up and developed vertically in a matter of months.

Stanley can’t seem to keep a hat on his head, according to family jokes, therefore he hardly ever wears one.

In contrast to his brother George, Stanley enjoys visiting the hairdresser.

While the brothers have differing opinions on haircuts, they both have the same thick, quick-growing hair, which they inherited from their parents.

The Shelton brothers’ unusual hair is genetically determined, according to doctors.

The sons appear to have inherited their parents’ thick, quick-growing hair, which is another characteristic shared by both parents.

The Shelton brothers may at first look seem like regular guys, but their pricey locks set them apart from the others.

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