The world’s tiniest twins, weighing a total 832 grams at birth


The children, who were born on April 16, 2019, were so early that their eyes hadn’t yet opened when Talia’s waters broke.

All together, they weighed 832 g. The survival of the youngsters was uncertain, according to experts. Yet they do take place.

The twins were monitored by doctors for 129 days, and over time, their condition gradually improved to the point where they could be moved to the hospital near to Talia and Oliver’s home.

They were diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension while they were still wearing oxygen masks, which is a result of their early birth.

“It will pass when they grow up. This is so that their lungs can expand to a regular size, explained Talia.

Only in August were the twins allowed to leave the hospital. The boys are doing well considering their size at the time was that of a 3-month-old baby.

We are just thankful that they are with us despite the fact that it was a really terrible event.

We got closer as a result. These adorable tiny ones have entered our family, which is such a gift, Oliver said.

A lovely tale that demonstrates that even the most challenging situations may have a joyful conclusion.

This is an illustration about fighting for your life and never giving up.

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