When he was just 8 years old, the entire world was familiar with him


15 years ago, a bodybuilder at the age of 8 who went by the moniker “little Hercules” surprised the globe (real name Richard Sandrak).

He became a hot news item because of his muscular build.

He was the strongest boy in his age group in the entire globe at the age of 11. “Little Hercules” has undergone significant alteration by the time he is 23 years old. Richard can’t now brag about his biceps or press cubes.

Richard now avoids the gym altogether. His belly shrank, and he developed a beard and hair. He claims to be tired of swinging in the gym and spending time there.

Richard gave up bodybuilding, but there is a far more important reason. His father, Paul, is the subject.

He placed a great deal of stress on his son to grow into a bodybuilder when he was a kid.

By treating his son in such a way, the guy received a lot of flak. Pavel was also imprisoned when Richard was 11 years old for assaulting his wife, Richard’s mother.

Since then, the man has removed his father from his life and ceased participating in sports out of contempt for him.

Richard is currently employed with Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld as a stuntman.

He actually appreciates what he does and has no desire to resume his Hercules persona.

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