Four gorgeous daughters’ father revealed the true side of parenthood


The most amazing thing a guy can experience is fatherhood. Simon Hooper, a Briton, is happy for up to four different reasons.

Also, this English father is a true “jeweler”. He has four daughters after all.

Currently, his adorable girls are twelve, nine, and four years old (two twins).

His candid and humorous images have gone viral on social media. On Instagram, the “Daughters’ Dad” account has around a million followers.

All of Simon’s issues are well known to those who have at least one child.

the time when kids start cutting their teeth. Dad, please respect your bedside manners.

I used to utilize my intellect to address issues facing the whole business world.

Now I use it to figure out savings on baby food and diaper purchases.

baby clothing that no longer fit as they grow.

But, in comparison to these times, all obstacles are insignificant.

Our happiness comes from our kids. Share with your friends and family to make hteir day and fill it with love and light and only good and positive vibes.

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