After hiding her from daughters for ten months, parents bring a newborn home


The one thing Kasi and Shane Pruitt wanted more than anything was to conceive a fifth child after having two biological daughters and two adopted sons.

The children were aware that their parents were attempting to expand their family, but everyone who has gone through the adoption process is aware of how difficult and drawn-out it can be.

The children of Kasi and Shane were always inquiring about if and when their new sibling would be arriving, and they were secretly hoping it would be a female.

In 2017, Kasi and Shane received the news after ten months of arduous effort, countless phone calls and paperwork, and long hours of wishing and praying.

Tuesday evening was when the couple got the call.

They would now be the legal parents of a brand-new baby girl since their covert adoption had been successful.

They met the birth mother and their attorney the next morning the issue is as follows: Kids were unaware of it.

For fear that it would not go through, Kasi and Shane wanted to keep the adoption a secret.

They said that everything ultimately happened so quickly, though. Without a doubt, they were pressed for time.

Much to their family’s astonishment, Shane captured the emotional moment Kasi took their newest family member inside.

Harper, age 6, and Raygen, age 11, had no idea they were going to see their little sister for the first time; this was when Harper and Raygen were unaware of it.

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