When a mother notices a hotel manager who is busy with an autistic child, she writes to the manager to thank him for the thoughtful gesture


On a Friday night, Kahlief, the hotel’s manager, was manning the front desk at the Hampton Hotel in Selinsgrove.

He was speaking on the phone when he looked up to see Colin, a 13-year-old boy, standing there.

Kahlief was asked by Colin whether he would want to watch a card trick.

Kahlief and Colin traded magic tricks over the following 30 minutes.

Colin went back to the desk the following night, but he informed Kahlief that he had already forgotten the technique that Kahlief had shown him.

The hotel manager responded, “Come back outside; I’ll demonstrate once again.”

So, Kahlief and Colin enjoyed joking about and exchanging tips at the front desk for the second consecutive night.

It’s not often that complete strangers treat a child with such compassion and respect, Megan, Colin’s mother, told Kahlief after her son went to bed.

This little youngster has autism, which he was unaware of. It’s a love of his to learn and perform card tricks since it keeps his hands occupied and helps to clear and concentrate his mind.

He was unaware that this little child, who lives with just his mother and sister since he lost his father a few years ago, has been on the waiting list for a “big brother” for well over two years, and misses interacting with men very much.

He could have simply told Colin he was preoccupied, to check back later, or any number of other things, but he chose not to.

He let Colin stay with him at the desk for what seemed like an eternity, watching Colin do card tricks and then teaching Colin some of his own. Never once caused Colin to feel like a bother or a burden.

Megan shared a picture of the two practicing card tricks along with a message about the wonderful deed on Fb.

The following morning, he discovered hundreds of brand-new friend requests from folks all across the world.

The article soon gained popularity and was shared thousands of times.

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