11-year-old pianist shows ‘Mozart’ level musical skill, according to reports


Children aside, there are some people who just appear to have a natural flair for certain things.

And not only should others around them applaud that, they should actively promote it.

Inside Edition presented the incredible tale of 11-year-old Jude Kofie in this video that was uploaded on YouTube.

Jude Kofie sat down at his family’s electric piano one day, and he hasn’t really stood up since.

Jude is content to play for at least three hours each day despite having autism.

His father quips that music is always playing because his kid won’t let it stop.

According to Inside Edition, Bill Magnusson, a seasoned piano tuner, was drawn in by a local Colorado news article displaying Jude’s abilities.

Bill heard through CBS News that Jude’s parents live in a big house with four kids and send money to relatives in Ghana, where they originally hail from.

He had the want to contribute in some way to the development of little Jude’s innate musical abilities.

The reason for this is because Bill used around $15,000 of his father’s fortune to buy Jude a grand piano, which he vows to maintain in tune for the rest of his life, as well as to cover the cost of his tuition.

Bill believes that Jude, who is learning to read music, may be the next Mozart-caliber piano prodigy.

Jude is now taking piano lessons. See for yourself how amazing Jude is and hear what Jude’s father has to say about his son’s abilities by checking out the video above and share with your friends and family.

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