When a 14-year-old girl gives birth, she enters a restaurant and leaves the baby there with complete strangers


When the security cameras caught a tragic event, it was just another routine afternoon inside the El Patron Mexican Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey.

A young woman carrying a newborn wrapped in a towel entered the restaurant. Frankie, the manager, and she exchanged glances.

Frankie knew the expression of utter despair on her face right away.

She was pleading with everyone around her for assistance with her eyes.

The baby’s mother turned out to be the 14-year-old girl.

Alease Scott, a client, spotted the teen. She set down her food as soon as she got sight of the infant in her arms.

In addition to being a mother and a preschool teacher, Alease is also certified in first aid.

She leapt to her feet and requested permission to collect the baby’s vital signs from the teen mother.

But, the cameras inside the restaurant managed to record yet another unexpected scene shortly after handing the infant back to Alease.

The young mother quickly left the restaurant, leaving her child in the care of total strangers.

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