They didn’t have just one, but rather identical triplets. 20 years later, how they look and behave…


When a lady is expecting a child, that period in her life is unique. It’s both enjoyable and exciting.

Women frequently worry about unpleasant things happening to them during this period or that something is amiss with them.

Yet when the anticipated kid is born, everything will change. A mother from Iran was one of those moms who received “surprises” in the mail.

She had no doubt that just one child would be born the entire time she was expecting.

Nonetheless, the anticipations were accurate. Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz were the mother’s three daughters.

The three of them are identical triplets. Both as youngsters and as adults, girls are identical replicas of one another.

20 years ago, a modest Iranian family experienced this joyful occasion. When they had three girls, the parents were overjoyed.

Despite their poverty, they were invincible. In contrast to many Iranian parents, Mom and Dad gave their children all they could possibly provide, and they invested money in the education and development of their girls.

In spite of this, the sisters’ future in Iran was not particularly bright.

Women working and, more importantly, expressing themselves in some way are not popular in society.

Having reached adulthood, the girls made the decision to go to London after realizing this.

The cash the father had set aside for lodging and travel was given to his daughters.

He supported them in all they did because he was concerned about their success.

They might leave Iran more easily as a result of this. Never did they return to their starting point.

For a period of years, Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz have resided in London. They grow to recognize their role as role models as they study.

It was a minor step toward success for the girls to almost immediately land some employment with well-known companies.

As they have a high salary as a result, they may live independently in another nation.

But, there’s still room for big success. Although though the sisters are not yet well-known on a global scale, they are confident in their future success.

On social media, young women take pictures of themselves in fashionable positions and share the page with other girls.

Fashion is very important to girls. To avoid standing out significantly from one another, they make an effort to get matching accessories and similar items.

The way their lives are going, according to Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz, makes them happy, and they are grateful that their parents are there to support them.

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