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A Virginia eatery has just turned away a police officer. On Monday night, the uniformed cop only wanted a nice bowl of flavorful noodles from the renowned eatery when he went there for supper.

But when the chefs behind the counter noticed the policeman, they made the decision not to give him food and “politely” requested him to leave.

The Alexandria Police Department has provided the public with its account of the very contentious incident since it occurred.

Earl Cook, the police chief, went to the restaurant after that and told them they had to explain what had transpired.

At the Duke Street eatery, a female cook left her position in the rear and made her way to the front to speak with the cashier as the officer waited in line.

She pointed at the officer and offered a startling warning that “that” sort of individual was not permitted to dine at their establishment.

The cook allegedly said, “You better remove me off the line, because I’m not serving it,” to the cashier.

Police Chief Earl Cook quickly departed the restaurant after being humiliated as the cook and cashier cracked many jokes at his expense.

The following day, Police Chief Earl Cook visited the Noodles & Company on Duke Street to express his concerns.

His police officer was being mistreated, so he sought to speak with the supervisor about it.

The supervisors immediately apologized and said that an internal investigation into the actions of the cook and cashier would be launched.

As a police officer, you naturally feel angry, he said. Because of how tight things are right now with everyone, you become outraged at first but then you start to cool off after learning that one of my policemen was handled that way without cause.

The management informed Chief Cook that the police officer’s account was verified as accurate by an internal inquiry.

A statement on the occasion was released by Noodles & Company. It said:

“Noodles & Company demands the finest moral character from all of its employees.

Every one of our visitors is significant to us, and we are dedicated to treating them all with respect and decency.

We do not support any form of discrimination. To ascertain what is occurring and swiftly resolve this issue, we are collaborating with the appropriate parties including the neighborhood police association.

Although we have made many attempts to contact the police officer, we have not yet spoken with her.

As we continue our investigation, we’ll decide what measures to take next.

It was important to the eatery to make it clear that they had nothing against the Alexandria police.

It was fantastic news, according to Pete Feltham, a member of the Alexandria Police Union.

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