When a mother learns that her kids have been disrespectful to the bus driver, she invents a “amazing punishment” to teach them a lesson


It might be challenging to decide how to punish your children. Finding a just punishment that conveys the desired lesson without being harsh is challenging.

Also, you must cope with the opinions and viewpoints of others.

This Canadian woman from Ontario has devised a novel way to discipline her two boys when they act inappropriately on the bus.

Thoughts on social media, though, were diverse.

A mother received a letter from the school in a tiny Canadian town in western Ontario in 2018 complaining about the conduct of her boys.

Their conduct on the school bus was more crucial than their conduct in the classroom.

She was notified by the school that her boys had behaved badly on the bus.

Even worse, they had both acted impolitely toward the bus driver.

The mom struggled to comprehend how her boys could act in such a manner.

She wished for them to understand the importance of putting an end to their nasty behavior.

She wanted to make sure they understood the repercussions of their choices.

The distance between the family’s home and the school was around four and a half miles (about seven kilometers).

Mom was aware that if her boys behaved in this way, they would be permanently removed from the bus.

Beforehand, she made the decision to demonstrate to them what life would be like if they were unable to take the school bus to school every day.

She then told her two young boys that they would be walking to school the next day. every one of the 7.2 miles.

The following morning, she got the boys up early, covered herself in a blanket with the boys, and they went for a stroll.

She took a picture of the lads carrying a placard prior to them beginning their journey.

The placard reads, “We were nasty and impolite to our bus driver.” Mom walks with us.

She uploaded this image and a description of her decision to receive this penalty on her Facebook page.

The article soon gained popularity after receiving several comments. Several parents and others sent kind comments to the mom.

They thought that through being punished, the lads would have learned and grown.

The mom claimed that her older kid just needed to walk it once to master it, but her younger son had to walk it twice the following day before he truly understood it.

Other individuals, meanwhile, chastised the mother. The majority of individuals did not, however, fault her for the penalty itself.

Rather, they advised him against publishing it online. They maintained that it was neither helpful nor useful to the boys and was just an attempt to humiliate them.

It’s something to consider when you contemplate placing indications on children that speak what poor behaviour is.

And trying to put them in a position where you can start taking their photo and post it on social media, stated “ Tina, Community Outreach Supervisor for the Children’s Aid Society of Windsor-Essex.

“I do not wish to make a judgment or falsely claim to understand every aspect of this family’s scenario.

But it’s a factor to think about when you contemplate placing indications on children that say what poor behaviour is and We would be worried if kids were embarrassed, not just the Children’s Aid Society.

We should be concerned about this as grownups.

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