Sweet dancing reaction from the toddler twins as dad starts playing the guitar


The baby girls start to dance as their daddy plays the guitar solo he wrote himself for the song he wrote specifically for his kids, My Paradise.

These twins are the same newborns whose video of them dancing in high chairs to their dad’s guitar playing in 2012 went popular online.

User Bravadere posted the cute video of the girls dancing on YouTube when they were 19 months old.

He captioned it, “Here is a clip of our twin daughters still swaying to father’s guitar.”

Amazingly, kids come up with their own dancing moves!

I wrote the original tune I’m playing specifically for them.

The father of the gorgeous twins is an independent musician who likes creating, producing, and mixing music, as per his YouTube page.

The twins turn the area around their fireplace in the living room into a dance floor while wearing identical clothing, having identical haircuts, and, of course, sharing a love of music.

Although the video was uploaded almost seven years ago, the twins are now in elementary school, but we like to assume they still jam and jump whenever their father picks up his guitar and begins playing.

These sisters are the same infants that became viral online in 2012 while dancing to music, which is what they do best.

The video is even more distinctive since it demonstrates the value of a twin relationship.

Have a look at how they interact with one another as the music begins, as if to ask, “Do you think what I’m thinking? ”

Infants who are introduced to music have been shown to smile more frequently, according to a McMaster University research.

Compared to infants who do not hear music, these musical infants are easier to calm when they cry.

Toddlers are also said to be more inclined to explore their surroundings if they have greater exposure to music.

Parents who are wise should introduce their small kids to music for all these various reasons.

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