The talent of this 16-year-old child, who has been blind for 12 years, earned him the Golden Buzzer


At his audition, Christian was really anxious. Yet the judges and audience were completely taken aback by what he did next.

“You are like a bright light that suddenly revealed everything,” someone said.

“You possess a wonderful talent. Quite the voice. Amazing,” Heidi Klum stated.

He was dubbed “one of my best contenders I’ve seen this year” by Simon.

Meeting folks like you is the nicest feeling imaginable.

This man is really skilled and modest, and he can sing like crazy.

Leber congenital amaurosis, an uncommon retinal disorder, caused Guardino, whose mom is a nurse and whose dad is “a pizza delivery person,” to spend his initial 12 years blind.

He finally restored his sight when cutting-edge work at the Scheie Eye Center at the University of Pennsylvania allowed physicians to implant a healthy gene into his eye.

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