Judges get up and dance like crazy to this adorable little boy’s Elvis song


Cutie Lissandro is affectionatelly known to as “Elvissandro” by others because of how much he adores Presley.

He first became very passionate about music when he was 5 years old, following his father’s introduction to “The King.”

As he entered the stage on The Voice Kids, it was only natural that the tiny king got ready to sing one of his songss.

He had the freedom to go any path he wanted because there are so many Elvis tunes accessible.

This youngster is so nice and charming that the 4 people in the group were whirling in their seats!

Notwithstanding his young, he has enough self-assurance to perform in front of an audience.

We can’t wait to see this kiddo again in bout 10 years.

We can only hope that he decides to pursue a career in music since we know he has an inner one ready to be out.

His jaaam may be found above! To make someone else’s day and fill it with love and light, share with your friends and relatives.

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