2 million people watch the mom’s adorable baby “quarrel” video that she posted online


No matter what language you speak, if you are a parent, you will understand this video.

You needed a little sweetness, and here it is. There is no more unique and complicated bond than that between a mother and her daughter.

It’s okay if you don’t understand a single word in the featured video if you’re reading this post.

For this one, bilingualism is not required. You will recognize and smile to yourself at how cute everything is in this conversation between a mother and daughter since it is so timeless and universal.

Young daughter is a finicky eater despite mom’s efforts to feed her wholesome meals. Potatoes, bananas, and other goodies have been banned.

Mom requests an explanation or a compromise, but in response, she appropriates mom’s hand movements to convey her own message: it won’t happen.

Yet there is always one thing in common: Children are like a small bit of heaven; they keep coming back.

The only thing required is the tremendous, unwavering love that connects them.

The child then becomes aware of the camera. As if things couldn’t possibly be much cuter than they currently are.

Mom and baby have heart-melting grins that have won awards.

A love that is extremely hard to describe, challenging to comprehend, and impossible to analyze.

It functions both as a whole and as nothing. It never quite goes away entirely.

Becoming a mother to a little girl is like gaining a lifelong partner, comrade, and accomplice.

You have a lot in common and a lot to share, so savor each lovely moment.

These are without a doubt worth the work, the delight, and the chuckles, even if they appear to you to be the most intense, profound, and difficult.

Of course, this also applies to your personal secrets. I send you my best wishes for health, strength, and even more holy moments!

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