The 2-year-old drummer’s flawless performance dazzled the judges


Hugo Molina, a talented young drummer, has a lot of potential.

He has already mastered playing the drums on his own at the age of barely 2, and he has performed in front of an audience.

Hugo’s drumming is not simply for youngsters to enjoy because of his young age.

He has a true knack for drumming and is a true musician.

In order to save the little child from being shocked during the performance, the presenter even requested the crowd to refrain from loud handclapping.

He picks up the drumsticks the moment his dad places him in front of the drums and starts playing.

How do we play the drums, Hugo? is all his dad says as the background music begins.

During the Semanasantu, an annual Easter procession, his skills were on full show.

His drumming prowess mesmerized the judges, who were as as impressed as the audience.

Hugo has already demonstrated his talent as a musician while still being a young man, and it is obvious that he has a promising future in the music industry.

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