Nine months after the birth of their son, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announce they are expecting their second child


A$AP and Rihanna are going to have a crowded home soon!

She made the announcement that they are having their 2nd child while performing at the 23 Super Bowl.

Their 1st kid was born in May 22; the name of the baby has not been made public.

The 1st performer during pregnancy during the halftime performance is Rihanna.

The story was also confirmed by a spokesman for her.

In January 2022, she revealed she was expecting her 1st baby.

According to a source close to the singer, “She does everything on her own terms and schedule, and having a kid is no different.”

Regarding the couple, the acquaintance remarked: “They are identical to every other couple of soon-to-be parents.

Yes, they are famous, but they are also the sweetest, happiest young couple that is expecting a child.”

The video up above contains further information.

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