Doctors have never encountered a case like it when a baby was born with water instead of blood


Frankie Morrison’s parents, Maria Sandars and Chris Morrison, were informed by the medical staff that a priest was available when the baby girl was delivered.

Frankie’s survival was not thought to be likely.

Everything started when Frankie’s uterine movements were no longer felt by Sandars.

The baby was just being “lazy,” the doctors told her after she went to the ER.

The mother was aware that something was awry even after they sent Sandars back home.

Following two days, Sandars returned. Despite the fact that Frankie was still immobile, she was still beating.

Emergency C-section was performed on Sandars. Doctors hurriedly took Frankie away since the newborn was unconscious and dead.

Things seemed bleak. Frankie was born with only two tablespoons of blood; the rest of her body was made up entirely of water.

This is 15% less than the typical quantity. “When I turned back, I saw people sobbing as they stood around me.

Because she was carrying so much water rather than blood, the eight-pound baby was extremely swollen, according to Sandars, who spoke to the Daily Mail.

Although generally not at this rate, infants can return blood through the umbilical cord.

Doctors couldn’t believe Frankie lived after receiving two successful blood transfusions.

Her consultant was so impressed with how well she was doing that when she returned for a checkup at six months, the mother recalled, “he was almost in tears.”

“They were completely devoid of optimism towards her. She was not expected to survive the day, in their opinion.”

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