A stranger finds three children standing on his doorstep with $700 in cash after checking the security camera


Jamie Carlton, a resident of Colorado, examined his security tapes after returning home.

The incident that occurred on his doorway earlier that day astounded him.

Three children arrived at Jamie’s house on bikes and made their way up to his door, which Jamie saw.

The security system’s automatic voice informed him that nobody was at home and that “We’re sorry, but the door cannot be answered at this time, but the camera is recording.

Depart a message for us, please. I appreciate you visiting.”

As they spoke to the camera, it looked like the children placed something on the porch.

“We simply figured we’d give it to you because we discovered your wallet outside of your car.

So that no one steals any money, I’ll place it over here.” Inside the wallet was a $700 bill.

After working all day, Jamie’s son Nigel’s wallet accidentally dropped out of his pocket.

The three children were then seen getting back on their bikes and riding off down the street while the camera continued to record them.

The children’s generosity astounded Jamie, but he didn’t know anything about them or their residence.

So, in an effort to help someone identify them, he released the security footage to Facebook.

As soon as the video went viral, the three young humanitarians were acclaimed as heroes in their own community.

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