A street cat recently entered a stranger’s home through the doggie door and gave him all of her kitties


Tom, a Los Angeles resident, was unwinding one day at home when he noticed a cat he had never seen before.

The cat went into his house by the back door, which was also a dog door.

Soon later, the same cat went back to his house, but this time she was carrying a tiny kitten.

The cat started hunting for a spot to keep the kitten as soon as it was brought inside.

Tom kept his cool and handed the cat a big cardboard box that was packed with a soft blanket.

The kitten was inside the box with the cat, Talia, who eventually left through the dog door after lying down for a time.

The cat returned, this time bearing a black kitten. After three more excursions outside, she brought Tom three more kittens.

After he set out bowls of food and water for her, the cat purred contentedly while dozing in the box and washing her young.

The kittens were raised in a cozy, loving home near to their devoted mother, who, by utilizing her sixth sense, recognized Tom as a respectable man who might be able to assist her and her young.

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