When a cow loses all of her calves, she moves the little one every day, hiding it from farmers in a different location


Motherly love is exhibited by both animals and people. At all costs, they must keep their children safe.

This cow was saved by an animal sanctuary after a difficult existence.

She was taken to the reserve in order for her to enjoy a happy life.

The pain of her former existence never left the cow, even though she was permitted to relax and live out her days in peace.

This became quite evident when the officials of the reserve discovered that the cow was once more pregnant.

The cow found it to be both unexpected and exciting. Prior to giving birth, she sought to protect herself by withdrawing more and more.

They concluded that the cow was trying to conceal something from them.

The cow scanned the surroundings anxiously. The choice to go see what was there was then decided by the people.

Before they came upon a calf, they had traveled quite a way through the grass.

The cow had just given birth in the dense grass, hiding her young calf from curious observers.

It seems the cow had learnt her lesson and wanted to make sure that no one would ever take her young away again.

To prevent the cow from stealing the calf, the group made every effort.

Even though the calf has grown up, she and her mom remain quite close.

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