On America’s Got Talent, Emily Bland shocks the judges by showing her hidden talent


The squad and fans of America’s Got Talent 22 have been spellbound by some gripping performances this season, and now she has startled them with an unexpected audition.

When asked what she had in mind for her audition, Emily responded that she meant to sing.

She does actually have a voice, but it’s not what you might think.

The 29-year-old lady demonstrated to the judges her sense of humor by talking about events from her previous job as a hotel staff.

She acknowledged to them that she was a faaaan of Garth Brooks and that she believed her voice would propel her to the top.

“I’m here, so I genuinely hope so,” “I made it there.”

However, as she opened her lips to sing in a deep baritone, everyone in the room stared at her in astonishment and uncertainty.

Howie Mandel referred to it as a “improv lip-sync” when her companion finally entered the stage.

“I believe it’s a lovely ability because it’s so personalized,” remarked Vergara.

Simon, however, was unconvinced by her performance and expressed his confusion during voting, stating, “I’m very, very bewildered.” Heidi, Sofia, and Howie all were in favor, while he was all mute.

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