See what happened after a woman dumped her newborn at the hospital because of his skin colour


This is a heartbreaking tale of a little child who was innocent yet faced hardships.

But luck was on his side, and soon his life was irrevocably altered.

His mother gave birth to him, then abandoned him there.

She left him despite the fact that his son was in good health because of his black skin.

The kid likely arrived as proof that the newlywed mother had cheated on her spouse.

So, without giving it any thought, the woman penned a rejection.

She really startled the hospital personnel, who were acting so sad toward the infant.

The baby was given the name Mark soon after, and with his beaming, joyful eyes, he quickly won over the nurses.

In addition, the infant was healthy and swiftly put on weight.

Due of his exceptional health, the staff chose to transport him to an orphanage.

He was suddenly discovered to be oxygen-starved and in need of medical attention.

Fortunately, the infant recovered from the condition and quickly began to feel better.

However, one of the nurses, Albina, fell in love with the infant boy while caring for him because of his pure, brilliant eyes.

And when the staff decided to deliver the child to an orphanage once more, the mother tried to convince her husband to adopt the child.

The couple was fortunate to adopt Mark, which was yet another fortunate turn of events.

Albina learned that she was also expecting a child after a year.

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