An American baby girl was born twice following a dangerous operation: how it’s even possible


An American woman named Margaret Boemer formerly served as the ideal illustration of how to cope with the loss of a loved one.

When the mother was sixteen weeks pregnant, she was informed that her unborn child could not have lived.

It came out that the infant had a huge tumor that was posing a threat to her life.

The disgruntled mother was faced with a difficult decision: she could either stop the development or consent to a difficult procedure.

The kind-hearted mother opted for the second option and made every effort to save the lives of her unborn child.

Nevertheless, there was only one way to carry out the dangerous procedure.

The physicians had to remove the baby girl from her mother’s womb in order to perform the intervention and then reposition her.

As Margaret stated in an interview, she was thinking only about that at the time.

All she could think about was her kid, and she was ready for her to arrive.

Therefore, the doctors were taken aback by her resolve when she responded them without hesitation that she was willing to undergo the dangerous procedure.

As a result, the procedure took more than 6 hours.

Fortunately, the baby girl Lilith was born again following the procedure, this time 12 weeks later.

However, the surgeons should this time remove the tumor’s retainers.

Hopefully, the infant is doing well today and is living a regular, healthy life like other babies.

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