After several tries to show the existence of pure love, this nice couple eventually adopted their kid’s close friend 


Meet this kind hubby. Kevin and Dominique Gill made the decision to adopt the kid of a close friend.

Since they both work in the daycare industry and enjoy kids, they chose to foster kids, especially those who are less fortunate.

So, in 2018, when Andrew was just 10 years old, they made the decision to foster him.

However, the adoption procedure was difficult for the parents since the agency didn’t think they were a good match for Andrew.

And because the little boy’s parents were aware of how much he wanted to be adopted, they made every effort to foster him in the end.

Andrew was their third child when they launched their fight to care for children.

Despite getting the youngster, the agency decided to retrieve him back when the initial effort was unsuccessful.

The kid of the parents become good friends with Andrew, one of his contemporaries, during those months.

So, when their kid pleaded to bring Andrew back, his parents tried their best to call for him one more without giving up.

Hopefully, they were successful in adopting him permanently this time.

Consequently, the two boys are now teenagers and remain close friends.

They are content and unbreakable brothers who reside in a large and devoted household.

Six people make up their lovely family right now: the parents, Joc, Andrew, Kennedy, and KJ.

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