The parents were told to dump their baby at the hospital; now she is an adult and well-known


Kennedy Garcia is a cheerful young woman who resides in Colorado.

It was forced upon her parents to abandon their newborn daughter at the hospital when she was born.

Their life would be challenging and unique if they had Down syndrome.

He gave her a leukemia diagnosis as well as a spine deformity, which would prevent her from being able to support her head on her shoulders.

René Garcia, the baby’s mother, fortunately encountered a nurse at the facility who significantly influenced her choice.

The mother gave her emotional support by suggesting that her daughter may perhaps have a regular life like the others.

She instructed her to simply exercise patience and diligence.

Kennedy’s damaged spine was, however, the primary source of his problems.

The poor infant had endured a great deal of hardship.

She was just 2 years old when she was placed in a metal collar and helmet in an effort to realign her bones.

She continued to watch movies or dance videos as she remained in that posture for days.

As soon as she was able to walk once again, she immediately hurried to enroll in the dancing class.

She stopped dancing, nevertheless, due to her ongoing agony and anguish.

Fortunately, she quickly applied for new jobs at Disney, American Girl, and Justice Clothing.

Kennedy is delighted that her life is suddenly filled with dances, picture sessions, and new connections.

She is already 16, works with KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management, and is frequently requested to travel to Hollywood and New York for TV auditions.

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