The elderly woman didn’t spend any money while traveling around the world


Meet Marilyn Hartman, a travel enthusiast who likes exploring the world.

This energetic old woman has been exploring the world for over 20 years and has visited half of it.

She has been to a lot of interesting and beautiful locations.

Marilyn has visited places including London, Barcelona, and Brasilia.

The peculiar and intriguing aspect of the tale is that she has never spent money traveling.

A unforeseen event occurred when she was in Copenhagen.

The tale later spread and gained popularity all over the world.

She was discovered at that time in one of the airports and was unable to do the magic performance.

She was, however, not allowed to carry out her plan by the court following the case.

The trick is deceptively straightforward but clever.

The workers at the O’Hare Airfield were informed of her surprise disclosure and her strategy.

She used to act as though she was passing the control only a few steps behind an obvious person.

As a result, she stated, during the procedure everyone assumed she was already employed by the organization.

Overall, the old woman used the same “magic technique” to go 30 times.

The daring woman, however, has already been identified, and the authorities now control her destiny.

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