Alpinists found a peculiar family: The fact that they have lived apart from society for more than 80 years is astounding


This tale centers on a family that has never used an oven or blender and has scarcely ever seen a television.

Although technology in the world is always evolving, these family members built their own universe and set their own rules.

A little stone structure was once found in the highlands by a party of alpinists who had ascended there.

It was built in a remote location, away from society, and is secluded.

The alpinists didn’t realize there were people living there until they entered.

The unexpected arrivals left the family members completely perplexed.

The climbers were first hostile, but after understanding they had no intention of harm, they accepted them.

Even they started to treat them well and began to talk a little bit more about them.

The family was built more than a century ago, it turned out.

Since then, the same family has been there without leaving for 80 years.

They said that some kids grew up and moved away to live in other towns.

They had to trek for a few days to get to the closest settlement, as they had stated.

They typically made these journeys to trade commodities like livestock and wool for goods like clothing.

They started farming and kept chickens, cows, and sheep.

The solar battery they used to heat their home was the only piece of modern household equipment they had.

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